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As the business landscape becomes increasingly complex and competitive, more companies are recognizing the need to focus on their competencies. Outsourcing non-core activities to expert providers has become an unparalleled strategy to control costs, maximize resource availability, and gain competitive advantage.

Asia Outsourcing Services (AOS), led and managed by experienced professionals who were forerunners in the out-sourcing business in Indonesia, is the preferred partner for modern corporations and financial institutions who demand only the most professional and reliable outsourced services.


A Measure Character

Soar to success with the support of a reliable partner who have the proven skills and experience

Our business is your success. We Believe in placing our clients needs and interests at the core of our business, working in close partnership with them to deliver the solutions and services that add value to their business and enhance their competitive advantage.


An Unfolding Vision

Let our Proven Skills and Experience help your business run smoothly and efficiently

Our Aim is to be the preferred partner in Asia that provides a comprehensive range of professional outsourcing services.